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Rob Stierum



We are pleased to announce that Rob Stierum, will give a keynote presentation at X2018.  The presentation title is “The internal and external occupational exposome, a perspective on challenges and applications”.

Rob Stierum is an interdisciplinary researcher and European Registered Toxicologist at The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO, where he heads the risk assessment and toxicology group. In the past, he coordinated various programs on omics/bioinformatics applied to in vitro toxicology (funded a.o. by EC, CEFIC, ZonMw). Currently, his interest shifts towards understanding the internal exposome and from this developing approaches to improve personalized (occupational) health. This, via the integration of toxicology with omics, computational modelling approaches and external personalized exposure data. Part of this involves the coordination of the genomics activities for the EU FP7 exposome project HEALS, as well as participation in the European Biomonitoring Initiative HBM4EU, in which he is involved in modelling external to internal exposure in relation to adverse outcome pathways. Further, Rob is co-leading the exposome Early Research Program within TNO (see: whitepaper ‘Exposome: connecting the dots for effective prevention of disease), with special focus on the internal exposome. Rob has several publications on genomics and bioinformatics applied to toxicology and exposure assessment. Finally, he serves as a guest researcher in toxicoinformatics for the exposome at Utrecht University, The Netherlands.